Turjoy Chowdhury is an independent Photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He did his graduation in Architecture from BRAC University. He is connected with different art medias from his childhood and has achieved several awards and honors in those fields. He deeply fell in love with photography by exploring the visual art medias and it has become his passion.

His work has been appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, BBC, WNN, Feature Shoot, Life Force Magazine, Zone Zero, Foto8, Ethic Magazine, Aksgar magazine, Foto Evidience, Fotovisura, ND Magazine, Private Magazine, Dodho Magazine, CFYE, Fotoritim, F- stop magazine, etc and exhibited internationally, such as: C40 Mayor Summit 2016; Mexico, Ian Parry Exhibition 2016; London, Venice Biennale 2016; Italy, Delhi Photo Festival 2013; India, etc. His projects got nominated and shortlisted for several grants: Photogrvphy Grant 2016, Ian Parry Scholarship 2016, MRO Foundation Grant 2016, Lucie Foundation Scholarship 2015, etc. He achieved different international awards: Picture of the Year International, 2017(Award of Excellence), Photophilontophy activist award (2013), Jessica Lum Award (2014), Future Voice Jury Award (2014), Emerging Talent Award (2015) in Eye time photo contest, etc.


Mob: +8801732078907
Facebook: Turjoy Chowdhury