In The Name Of Politics: victims of petrol bomb

It has become a culture and tradition of politics in Bangladesh. Continuous strike, blockade, extreme violence most importantly making the very general public the worst victims are the regular expressions of political protests. The “Golden Bangla” has converted to “The Burning Bangladesh”. In the name of politics, playing with thousands of innocent lives has become the ultimate fate of the long cherished ‘Democracy’. Bangladesh Awami League ( Ruling Party) and Bangladesh National Party ( Opposition Party) are the two major political parties of Bangladesh and the flame of pure hatred for each other has been always burning those general public on whom they have to depend during the season of election after every five years.

At least 76 people have been killed and 225 people have been burnt in petrol bomb attacks across the country during political blockade started from January, 2015.

‘Dhaka Medical Burn Unit’ has turned into a hot-spot for daily news, which can represent political portrait of the nation. Providing continuous medical service to the over flowing burn victims has become a hell-rush. Moreover, the authority had to name an individual sector of burn unit as “Hartal Victim” (‘Hartal’ means strike in Bangla). According to the statistics, over 500 death tolls from DMCH (Dhaka Medical College Hospital) are observed and the number of injured victims are almost 30,000.


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