Victims of Rumors – the curse of minority

Bangladesh emerged as an independent country through a nine months blood shedding liberation war in 1971 bearing the hope to become a free country for its nation where no discrimination, injustice, inequality and suppression will exist but political and religious conflicts and abuses, discriminations, majority torturing minority and these types of things are still present. The fact is in all these cases the common people are the worst sufferers.

April 27, 2014. Backhsitarampur village, Homna upazila (subdistrict), Comilla, Bangladesh. An angry mob consists of more than thousand madrasa people attacked a small Hindu (minority) community of around 47 families who were mostly fishermen and farmers by profession. A rumor which was spread over loudspeakers that two youths Uddav Chandra Das (25) and Shrinibas Chandra Das (30) had posted defamatory comments on social networking website Facebook about Prophet Muhammad trigged the violence though no evidence or proof was found. Villagers said the attacks continued for around 30 minutes. As the Hindu villagers took shelter in the paddy field and nearby Muslim localities to save the life, the mob vandalized houses & temples and ransacked everything they had. Later it was disclosed that the leaders of the mob were also involved in the politics of Bangladesh Chhatra Dal or Islami Chhatra Shibir, student fronts of the BNP and Jamaat­e­Islami respectively.


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