Flowers of City Slums

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is a city of slums. A total of 3.5 million people are living in 5,000 slums in the Dhaka metropolitan area, and in most of the cases, people migrate from different remote areas of country to the capital with the hope for better job, facilities, future all over a better life. But almost all of them live in a very measurable situation in terms of the living, health, socio-economic and environmental condition. Some of the major slums are Kawran Bazar Slum, Korail Slum, Begunbari Slum, Kallayanpur Slum etc in Dhaka. More than half of the population of city slums is children. They face hardship on a daily basis that includes hunger, poor access to clean water, electricity, health care, insufficient education and protection. Only 18% of the children go to different informal schools. According to a survey of UNICEF (2012), 9.5% of the slum children die before they get five years.

Moreover, most of these slums are the ultimate place for prostitution, drug dealing, robbery and different types of crimes. At present the kids are in most vulnerable situation because when children grow up in such kind of environment, all of the colors start to fade out gradually and finally the youth turns in to black and white.

Sometimes the parents want to provide a better future instead of poverty, but the kids divert into wrong direction very easily and sometimes even the guardians insist them to be involved into different illegal business such as prostitution, drug dealing to earn some extra money. So when the kids get older, they become professional criminals and no option of turning back left. There are also opposite stories. Some kids still dream of being Doctor or Engineer. Some kids want to be teacher so that they can teach other kids like them. Though the kids live such life, full of obstacles, some how they find out the source of entertainment, joy, sports and other needs that can fulfill the hunger of a child’s mind or substitution in there own way.

So still there are lots of possibilities if these flowers get sufficient sunlight. They deserve proper attention and initiatives that can ensure them better future.

  Kawran Bazar


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  1. This is really nice work bro.

    April 19, 2014 at 6:51 pm

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