The Celebration: 10,000 megawatt capacity

This is not any ordinary crowd; they are the “photographers” with full setup. I was also expecting the same thing while climbing up the upper most level of the roof of my friend, Neon’s house on his request. When I was on the platform I saw that all the photographers already had blocked the total view. It was quite hard to push myself to the front row and also I was feeling a little uncomfortable because little hitching, internal gossiping was going on there. Suddenly I thought that why don’t I take pictures of them. And also I was not very much interested in the view of Hatirjheel, because that was nothing new to me.   

Then I with my friends got down and went to Neon’s room. Here I must have to mention that, the best place to enjoy the full view of Hatirjheel is his crowd – less balcony. We often sit there and have our discussion. We all were waiting there for the ultimate show. It was all about Bangladesh’s celebration for the achievement of 10,000 MW power generation capacity (installed) with spectacular fireworks accompanied by a laser show, 12 November 2013.
There I noticed huge numbers of dotted lights along with the edge of Hatirjheel. It was the crowed of people holding there digital cameras, smart phones etc and all of them were well prepared to take pictures. Technically they are photographers too, aren’t they? All of them want to capture the beautiful moment and share the joy with others. So do I.

The most interesting thing is I had no plan of taking these pictures. I went to Tejgaon area for one of my personal work in the morning and then I met with my friend, Neon. He told me about the celebration program.
Though during the celebration, we did joke that probably half of the power was invested only for this show; we really enjoyed a lot. It was a rare experience for most of the people.

During taking these pictures another picture came to my mind, that I captured on January 26, 2013. It was about a woman who was boiling water for her elder son who sells tea in the streets of Dhaka. She lives with her family just beside Hatirjheel Lake almost open to sky, where the charming light of the magnificent bridge can hardly reach.


In Dhaka city, most of the people are excited with the very successful and almost life changing project named “Hatirjheel” which undoubtedly gives the feel of abroad. But on the other hand; still, life remains the same for a huge number of people.

© Turjoy Chowdhury | All Rights Reserved


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