“Freedom Surfing Contest – 2012” – Bangladesh

Bangladesh, covered by so many problems like population, health, poverty etc has the world’s largest sandy beach in Coxe’s Bazar, Chittagong that is a very wonderful tourist spot at the same time perfect for surfing.  A bunch of young people wants to promote Coxe’s Bazar as well as Bangladesh through surfing.

Here, the “Freedom Surfing Contest – 2012” was being held at Kolatoli beach, organized by “Surfing the Nation” at 28 Sep’12. “Surfing Bangladesh” team participated in the contest and finished the event with a grand success including the surfer of the year achieved by Jafar Alam. The contest had another segment for the junior surfers and the kids also gave outstanding performance.

Jafar alam is the 1st surfer of Bangladesh and already has become an international sportsman. Being a lifeguard in profession he managed a surfboard from an Australian tourist and started surfing by himself in 1995.  After that; Tom Bauer, the president of “Surfing the Nation” (STN) found him and Jafar became a pro surfer and achieved some international awards. Though poverty is still in his way, he is running “Surfing Bangladesh” club and school by himself. Now he teaches 40 kids how to surf, having a strong vision for the future of surfing in Bangladesh.

Most of the surfers live in an awful condition and they still don’t get the basic needs properly. In their career, poverty is a grand obstacle. They don’t get sufficient food as well as proper equipment. Day by day the female surfers are leaving this sport.  Jafar is so much worried about this but all his dedication and will power is supporting him to stand straight.

© Turjoy Chowdhury | All Rights Reserved


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