Lost and Found

I was covering the “International Trade Fair-2013″ in Dhaka, Bangladesh. One thing I observed very wired, the announcements of the lost kids on mike were very frequent. At least one kid was being lost in each three hours there. On the third day of my shooting when I was just packing up suddenly I heard a little kid yelling ” I have lost my mother”. Quickly I went to her and tried to manage the situation saying that, her mother was just roaming around and she was coming soon. I asked her name and all the needed information but she was able to tell only her name and her mother’s name. Then I took her to the authority and told them to make an announcement. The kid was crying continuously holding her doll tight which she just bought from the fair and it was really hard to make her stop. We waited there almost half an hour. After that, Her mother came with a face, full of panic. Then I came to know that, after completing shopping she with her cousins and friends left the fair, went to their car in the parking lot and started for her house. Then she noticed that, her daughter was missing. When she found her daughter; now she started yelling and saying “why didn’t you stay with us? where did you go?” The little girl became more nervous. Then she gave her daughter a glass of water and started yelling again. After some times when the lady completed crying, she left with her daughter.

I just don’t understand one thing, when the lady was leaving the fair; definitely she didn’t miss any of her shopping bags but how can she miss her child! A serious note to all the parents: If you can not take proper care of your kids outside, please don’t bring them with you. And stop blaming the kids to cover up your won mistake. Kids are very sensitive and sophisticated so deal with them carefully. Always the first priority should be your kid and his/her smile.    

© Turjoy Chowdhury | All Rights Reserved


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