Nation of Glory

After 42 years of liberation in 2013, 5 February “Shahbag Mass Movement” was began associated with the shahbag neighborhood of Dhaka with the demand of capital punishment of all convicted war criminals of liberation war initiated by some young protesters, online activists, and bloggers through social network. The flame of the movement became brighter within a very short time and was referred by the participants and the media as “Prajanma Chattar” which hints at the spontaneous protests and mass movements of the youth. Though the protest was organized and spread mainly by the young generation people from all ages and classes joined spontaneously including a remarkable number of women and children. From the beginning people were gathering themselves irrespective of political biases and participating in the movement with slogans, banners, posters, songs and every form of protest was being displayed at the prajanma chattar holding day and night without any tiredness and continued nonstop only for the demand of death penalty of the war criminals. After the liberation war in 1971, Bangladesh has never seen such a big protest with the participation of common people on a particular issue against the war criminals. 

© Turjoy Chowdhury | All Rights Reserved


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